DE Group (UK) Ltd Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

DE Group (UK) Ltd Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
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DE Group (UK) Ltd Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 

DEG Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement – Rev 01 – 01.11.16

Company Structure 

The DE Group (UK) Ltd provides the provision of construction site enablement services comprising of demolition, façade retention, site clearance, soft strip demolition, structural alteration, asbestos removal, temporary works, builders work, permanent steel frames, concrete work, piling, underpinning, drainage, and excavation. The provision of Health & Safety consultancy and supply of trained and competent labour resources including to the rail industries.


As an organisation, we recognise that slavery and human trafficking are significant human rights issues and are committed to taking appropriate and proportionate steps to mitigating the risk of these occurring within our business and our supply chain.

Our Commitments 

The DE Group (UK) Ltd are committed to ensuring total transparency in our business and the ways in which we aim to tackle modern slavery throughout our supply chains which are in strict accordance with The Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The DE Group (UK) Ltd apply zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking. In order to ensure all those in our supply chain comply with our values, we require our supply chain to contractually commit to compliance with this Statement & Policy.


We at DE Group (UK) Ltd undertake full responsibility for implementing actions required to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and applicable best practice as relevant to the DE Group (UK) Ltd. This will be achieved through training and continual review through contract management.

Applicability & Actions Taken 

The statement is published on the our website

Continual reviews are undertaken to identify where possible, if modern slavery is a risk within the DE Group or via its approved suppliers. This is monitored by the use of relevant KPI’s and our whistleblowing policy. Full details are located within the DE Group Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.

DE Group have mandated, that our supply chain have completed our pre-qualification process. Which has been amended to include questions relating to the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Act.

DE Group are issuing a questionnaire to all labour only suppliers which asked them to confirm their recruitment and payment processes. This process will be repeated in 2019. This questionnaire is also used for all new contractors or suppliers.

Authorisation & Statement Review 

The Group SHEQ Director is responsible for the contents of this statement, which will be reviewed and updated as necessary on at least an annual basis.

Signed for, and on behalf of, the DE Group (UK) Board

Marc Smith 

Group SHEQ Director

1st November 2016

To be reviewed by 31st October 2017