What we deliver

What we deliver

The DE Group are construction contractors bringing a wealth of experience and technical excellence to structurally and logistically challenging new build, refurbishment, and reconstruction projects in central London and beyond.

Dependable quality, demanding standards

As a group, we’re driven by a culture of quality and continuous improvement. It is not enough merely to meet clients’ expectations — we’re committed to delivering better, within budget and on time. Our corporate performance is underpinned by rigorous performance metrics, and we continually strive to exceed demanding KPIs across every aspect of our operations.

Quality through collaboration

Seamless, collaborative teamwork provides a solid foundation for meeting our exacting standards and compliance commitments. Contract and Project Managers work in close, open collaboration with our Operations Teams, ensuring that all objectives remain in complete alignment and absolute focus at all times.

Adopting a fully integrated approach not only to Quality Management but also to our health and safety commitments and environmental objectives, DE Group are certified to ISO 9001-2015. This ensures that our services are developed and delivered against a backdrop of ever-improving process and efficiency, continuously building client trust, confidence, and enhancing our competitive edge.

Quality lies at the heart of everything we do as a group. Driven by a culture of continuous improvement, we pursue a risk-based approach to all of the internal and external requirements of each of our businesses.

By adhering strictly to a plan-deliver-check-act protocol, we verify that all processes are optimally resourced and managed. In this way, we’re able to ensure that all opportunities for improvement are identified and actioned in a timely manner.
Ashley Griffiths, Group Managing Director

Dedicated to rigorous standards of health and safety

Health & safety

The health and safety of our workforce and partners are non-negotiable. To this end, we operate stringent health and safety policies at every level of our organisation and every stage of our operations. Continuous health and safety monitoring, training and support is in place for all of our workforce, from building site to boardroom.

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Regular workshops for all staff reinforce our health and safety protocols. Everything we do, from risk evaluation and decision-making to safer site conduct, is geared towards instilling a health and safety culture that’s instinctively hard-wired into every employee’s behaviour.

Rigorous ongoing risk-assessment and monitoring reinforce these behaviours and are backed up by provision of appropriate PPE to all of our workforce. Our sector-leading health and safety accreditation underline our commitment to the welfare of our personnel, partners, and the public at large.


From health and safety to quality, compliance and sustainability protocols, the DE Group companies are engaged in a process of continuous improvement to our professional, industrial and trade accreditations.
As a result, we are constantly updating our policies and processes so all staff can meet the highest standards attainable.

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