Who we are

Who we are

DE Group bring together some of the brightest talents in the construction sector. Collectively, it’s our experience, expertise, and a shared commitment to achieving excellence that set us apart.

Delivering excellence

With a family of companies that spans every sector of the building industry, from concept and design through to structural completion and beyond, the DE Group offer a complete construction solution — all under one roof.

Each of our companies boasts an array of talented and highly qualified individuals, bringing extensive expertise and experience to the creation, delivery, and support of market-leading solutions.

With fast, efficient and friendly customer service, we’re on hand to advise and support on any aspect of construction and the built landscape.

Our excellence also encompasses our outstanding environmental credentials and exceptional health and safety protocols, which safeguard the world around us and the people with whom we interact.

Dependable, collaborative, integrated

Within our group and across our supply chain, an integrated approach defines our modus operandi. Acquisition, partnering, in-house delivery… every strand of our operations is seamlessly connected. With joined-up thinking and unified actions, our collaborative methods enable us to offer effective multi-disciplinary solutions.

As a group, we’ve streamlined processes and decision-making, with immediate access to every level of our management structure. This enables us to reliably deliver projects within deadline and budget — time and time again.

DE Group, who we are and our values


We’re also innovative. Driven by sustainability, each of our companies is committed to adopting new practices, processes and materials to enhance efficiencies and improve customer outcomes. And if no solution already exists, we have the talent and the ingenuity to innovate and devise new ways to overcome structural and logistical challenges.

As a result, partners can depend on DE Group for all aspects of safety, efficiency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

Collaboration and innovation go hand in hand

Defined by our values

What we stand for

From day one, six core values have provided the guiding principles behind everything we do as a group.

Integrity & trust

Doing the right thing at all times depends on sound, consistent moral and ethical principles. Trust, transparency and integrity underpin all of the relationships we build with colleagues, customers, and our supply chain partners. Accordingly, these are values we prioritise at every stage of recruitment and staff progression. As a result, our high-performing and highly capable teams are unified by a shared vision and common goal. Irrespective of position within the organisation, respect and trust are a given.


In keeping with integrity and trust, honesty is a core value that informs everything we say and do. By bringing honesty to every aspect of our work, our relationships, our actions and ourselves, we elevate the group as a collective.

Accountability & ownership

We promote accountability at every level of our organisation. By taking full ownership of their roles and responsibilities, team members are encouraged to achieve more and enabled to excel at everything they do. Together, accountable individuals and accountable teams provide a springboard for powerful and sustainable growth.

Customer commitment

Our clients must know they are our top priority at all times. By demonstrating this commitment through consistently outstanding service, products and quality, we not only earn trust and loyalty — we also ensure we continue to deliver premium value.


Leadership isn’t just about the people at the top. Everyone in the organisation can demonstrate leaderships skills — amongst them, authenticity, consistency, respect and humility. By being visible, approachable and aware of our limitations, each of us can learn from others and help to make a genuine difference every day.

Continuous improvement

Together, creativity and innovation create an environment where continuous improvement can flourish. By challenging norms and questioning accepted wisdom, we open up new possibilities. By streamlining processes and constantly looking for ways to improve the way we do things, we break down barriers, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and avoid stratification. And by being open to constructive criticism, we continue to evolve and become better versions of ourselves.

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