Our footprint

Our footprint

As custodians and curators of the built environment, we balance opportunity with responsibility. Opportunity to elevate the urban landscape. Responsibility to do so in a sustainable way that minimises our environmental impact — and that of the generations who live and work in our buildings.

Demonstrating our commitment to the environment

With acute awareness of our environmental responsibilities, sustainability is a key non-negotiable. Our environmental impact informs every aspect of our operations — from our people and our partners to our suppliers and the materials and resources we use. As responsible builders, we’re committed to improving the urban landscape in a way that respects and gives back to the natural environment around us.

Sustainability — our seven pillars of focus

How we set, monitor, and manage key business objectives and KPIs.

How we manage all strategic and financial activities.

All project, bidding, and tendering operations.

The management and delivery of all transport, mobile plant, and associated processes.

Existing and emerging material and technology solutions.

Identification, management, and improvement of workplaces and company assets.

Project and non-project related social values and community engagement activities.

Democratising construction to add social value

Construction is about far more than buildings, bricks, and mortar. It’s about the people who live and work in the spaces we enable, the structures we build and the landscapes we transform.

Above all, it’s about community. That’s why corporate social responsibility, charity and philanthropy are fundamental to everything we do as a group of companies. We’re proud to support entities like NESST and Mates in Mind and the valuable work they do on both a local and national basis to help the people who need it most.

By sharing some of the skills, creativity and energy that drive our business, we’re able to give back to society, delivering sustainable solutions to communities throughout the UK.

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