Our culture

Our culture

As a group, we are defined by the collective talents and expertise of our workforce and the shared vision, ethical and environmental principles of our people. We are shaped and distinguished by our culture.

Dedication rewarded

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We are defined by our talent, our drive, and our diversity. By bringing exceptional individuals together and rewarding excellence, we can achieve extraordinary things. The personal and professional development of our workforce is fundamental to our success — by nurturing our people and helping them to fulfil their potential, we can fulfil ours as an organisation.

Defying convention

It’s time to re-think your expectations of a typical project. DE Group sites are different. Informed by a rigorous approach to health and safety and an unwavering commitment to the welfare of our workforce, we devote considerable energy and attention to creating a high-quality environment for all of our personnel. It’s an approach that also benefits adjoining sites and passers-by, reducing our impact on the wider locality throughout the duration of our works.

As a result, you can spot a DE Group site from a distance… organised, tidy, efficient and — above all — safe. As operators, we also recognise the critical importance of site presentation to market perception, so branding of hoardings, vehicles and staff apparel are given elevated priority. It’s another outward expression of the pride we take in the work we do as a group.

Demonstrably different

We prioritise health, safety and welfare

At DE Group, our people are at the heart of everything we do. Accordingly, it’s essential that each and every one of our personnel feels safe, secure and supported at all times. To this end, we’re proud to maintain sector-leading standards of health and safety.

We pursue excellence

As a group, we enjoy an enviable reputation for delivering exceptional quality — on time and on budget. Our clients therefore rely on the consistently high standards and enhanced efficiencies that are essential to our successful outcomes. In order to achieve this consistency of performance, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement — a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

We collaborate

With talent at every level of our organisation, our integrated, collaborative approach ensures that the required expertise is always on hand — from start to finish of every project. Our commitment to quality is personified by our people, with consistently outstanding craftsmanship delivered by our highly skilled workforce.

We’re accountable

With cross-departmental collaboration at all levels, key decision makers are fully involved and engaged at all times, enabling a uniquely responsive approach.

We innovate

We overcome structural and logistical challenges by implementing a solutions-driven approach, sourcing and adopting new processes and materials. When they don’t exist, we develop our own.

As a diverse, progressive organisation, there are no barriers for talent to thrive. We have built our business by enabling our staff to realise their potential. We reward hard work, expertise and experience, and many senior management roles are occupied by individuals who have worked their way up through our ranks.
Paul Ford, Chairman

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Awards and accolades

Collectively, we’re proud of the awards and acclaim that the DE Group companies have received over the years. With each business fully aligned with our group commitment to the relentless pursuit of excellence, industry authorities, peers and partners across every sector continue to recognise our dedication to raising standards and exceeding expectations.

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