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63-66 Coleman Street


63-66 Coleman Street




façade retention, demolition, basements, and concrete superstructures


£ 8.1 million


CLI Dartriver

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Project details

Embarking on a transformative journey in the heart of the City of London, 63-66 Coleman Street stands as a testament to modern commercial development in EC2. Ambitious plans unfold, envisioning the demolition of three existing structures while preserving the façade of 63 Coleman Street.

Deconstruct’s dynamic teams orchestrated the demolition and reconstruction at 63-66 Coleman Street and 35-39 Moorgate.

A notable highlight of our achievement lies in the meticulous detailing of concrete finishes, underscoring our commitment to delivering a product that not only meets but surpasses expectations.

The excellence of 63-66 Coleman Street hasn’t gone unnoticed, standing out amidst the urban landscape of the City. The project has been honoured with The City of London Considerate Contractors Gold Award for two consecutive years, a testament to its outstanding quality and exceptional service delivery.

This recognition reinforces our dedication to excellence in every facet of construction, making 63-66 Coleman Street a standout success in the heart of the City.

Scope of works

  • demolition of three existing buildings (with the exception of front façade of 63 Coleman Street)
  • construction of a new 8-storey RC frame including stair and lift cores.

The highest quality concrete structure

Awards won

City of London’s Considerate Contractors Awards


City of London’s Considerate Contractors Awards


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