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ASC Studios


47c Streatham Hill




cleaning of asbestos debris


Artists Studio Company (ASC)

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Project details

ASC Studios, a multifunctional facility catering to artists, employed Decontaminate for a comprehensive asbestos debris cleaning project. The endeavour, spanning 11 weeks, focused on addressing asbestos debris resulting from the existing asbestos cement roof. ASC Studios comprises three sections, each housing a diverse array of artistic materials and personal effects.

The cleaning process was meticulously planned and executed, distinguishing between areas — with and without secondary ceilings. A dedicated team of five supervisors and operatives undertook the fine cleaning of 48 separate units. This included every conceivable item within the units, such as paintbrushes, paintings, canvases, glass artworks, valuable collections, and various personal effects.

Scope of works

The scope of work extended beyond routine asbestos removal, encompassing precautionary cleaning for items to be retained and an approval process for disposal by the client. The project required unparalleled attention to detail and care, as it involved not only the protection of personnel but also the preservation of highly valuable and irreplaceable artistic collections.

Project constraints

The project is characterised by its complexity, likely due to the combination of the studio and storage facility functions, the artistic nature of the stored items, and the need for asbestos debris cleaning.

This suggests a unique set of challenges that require innovative solutions and adaptability.

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